Mindfulness is recommended by the NICE
guidelines as an approach to Relapse Prevention
valuable for those who have experienced severe or
chronic depression. However, it has a much wider
application, and can be helpful to those who are
anxious, struggling in the work-place or academic
world, or finding other  environments stressful. It
has proved particularly useful to people with
chronic or terminal illnesses; whilst it cannot heal
physical ailments, it can help with learning how to
live with the reality. The most effective way to learn
Mindfulness is through the 8-week course, in a
group setting; I run groups twice a year, in the
Spring and Autumn. However, I can also work with
individuals. You will learn (perhaps it would be
better to say, rediscover) to live more in the
moment, without the destructive habits of
rumination on past failures and losses or constant
fretting about hypothetical futures; to accept
yourself and others, without having to resign
yourself to subordination or subjugation; and to be
more in touch with the physical reality of your lived
experience in the world rather than the fantasies
and fears that so easily dominate us.