Firstly, I can listen. Often clients feel that there is no-one
who takes them seriously, or that they do not want to
burden friends or relatives with their worries. I can offer a
safe place where you can unburden yourself without
embarrassment or the fear of critical judgement.

But more than that, I can help you work through your
problems and difficulties, walk every step of the way
beside you as you confront your doubts and fears.
Cognitive Behavioural techniques will enable you to work at
your own pace on finding realistic and practical solutions to
the dilemmas and pain which confront you. You can learn
to live without the burden of irrational guilt and shame,
without the handicaps of phobias, compulsive behaviours
or obsessive thoughts. You can begin to relax and take
back control over your life. Problem-solving and stress
management become relatively straight-forward when you
approach them from within this framework.

If you are not experiencing emotional or mental difficulties
but wish to optimise your performance at work,
academically or in a sport or artistic endeavour, I can help
you to focus your energy and attention and to develop the
mind-set of success.
If you wish, we can explore the value of hypnotherapeutic
or meditative techniques to deepen your relaxation and
sense of your own identity and value.

As a result of my training in the psychodynamic and
systemic approaches to therapy, I can help you put your
current situation into perspective by giving you the tools to
examine how your relationships with those around you are
colouring your experiences here and now.

Furthermore, I work with couples to explore and help to
resolve the friction, anger and sadness that often arises
through lack of communication or frustrated expectations.